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Naturopathie et Aquachiara

Naturopathie et Aquachiara


Vitala'ji Naturopath School at Hotel Macchi

A naturopathic school to understand your body:

Our goal is to give you the keys essential to the proper functioning of your body.


I respect my body. I take care of myself. I come back to the basics: life.

I find vitality, more well-being everyday.

I want to realize myself, to realize my dreams.

Typical sequence:

The day always begins with a very light breakfast and simple physical exercises within reach of everyone to wake up his body gently.

We then alternate during the day the practical and theoretical lessons (theory, physical exercises, learning of a healthy diet, break, theory, various practices ...).

The teaching closes at the end of the afternoon to allow the participants to have different equipment of the place (sauna, steam room, SPA, swimming pool ...).

The sharing sometimes continues together in the evening but generally we go to bed early to encourage a good restful sleep.

Some days are dedicated solely to practical teaching

Aquachiara, the water of our mountains

Because water is an essential asset and we want to preserve the environment for our children, we have decided to serve you a flat and gaseous water of microfiltered and refined quality thanks to the Aquachiara process. We use the Châtel spring water we offer you in flat or gaseous water

*The same water is offered in the room upon arrival to our guests

From Mar 23, 2019 to Apr 30, 2019